How lucky am I?

Hubby was out of town last weekend and he had to work this Saturday. So Sunday was our first family home day in the last couple of weeks. Kev and I are very happy outside. Whether it’s working in the yard or just hanging out by the pool (which isn’t open yet), we love being outside, especially when the weather cooperates. With Hunter in the picture, it has revealed some real challenges trying to spend quality time outside.

Yesterday after our usual breakfast out and running around, Kev went out to work in the yard. He picked up and moved some firewood, changed the oil in the lawn tractor, started emptying the pool cover… you know stuff like that. I put groceries away, feed Hunter lunch and cleaned the kitchen, while Hunter played in his playpen in the dining room. Every chance I got I would peek my head out and see what Kev was doing and see if he needed any help.

We contemplated calling Grandma to come over and keep an eye on Hunter so I could help with the yard work (and basically just be outside). But honestly, I figured Hunter is a permanent part of our lives and we really need to figure out how this is going to work, so Grandma wasn’t called.

One of the last times I went out on the deck, Kev said he had an offer for me… no telling what was up his sleeve. He came in a few minutes later and said since I have been stuck in the house for the past two weekends, he would stay in with Hunter if I wanted to cut the grass. First of all, it’s stuck as in ‘in the house’ and not ‘with Hunter’ – just to clarify. Now most of you are probably thinking, “cut the grass?!… nice… I don’t think so”. But I love cutting the grass. It didn’t take me long to take the deal. We have over 2 acres, a riding mower and I love to spend time riding around the yard. Especially this time of year, everything is blooming. Renewal is everywhere. I feel very refreshed. I have the bestest husband in the whole wide world.

Not to mention I had on my shorts from 2 years ago and they weren’t even tight. I can’t wait for them to be too big!!

Pictures? You’d like some pictures? Sure…
Creeping flox
Creeping flox – one of the first signs of spring in the yard.

Hunter and Dad
“I’m outside with Dad!!”

Mr. Happy Hunter
Mr. Happy with dimples.

Mr. Happy clapping
Yay, I’m outside!! (clapping)



  1. nikki Said:

    Hunter’s dimples are killing me. Too freakin cute! Wasn’t Sunday’s weather gorgeous?!?!?!

  2. ~Sheryl Said:

    Nikki- it was beeautiful out! Perfect even. Unless the pool is open, then it has to be warmer. 😉 Actually I think it may have been a bit warmer over by you.

    Thanks – of course I think Hunter is adorable but I have Mom-goggles (*snort – I typed googles the first time). You can pretty clearly see from the pics above, he got his dimple from Dad.

  3. Annika Said:

    Those dimples! HOW CUTE IS HE? And I must say, cutting the grass sounds lovely.

  4. Stepherz Said:

    Sheryl! He’s starting to look like a little BOY! It seem suddenly they lose that “baby look”, even though they are still obviously babies for awhile still. Someone told me that about Noah today and I had to stop and look long at him. He’s always going to be my baby, but, yes he is starting to look like a little boy! It’s bittersweet. But I’ll always look forward to the next stage!

    So glad you got some outside time. Isn’t it fun and renewing to feel that warm Spring sun!?

  5. Joy T. Said:

    Oh. My God! Look at his little face. Look at those DIMPLES! What a sweet little boy you have. Totally scrumptious. And glad you were able to get outside. I too love the outdoors so I know exactly what it means to….cut that grass :o)

  6. Meghan Said:

    Sheryl… those are awesome pictures. The first one of Kevin and Hunter is just perfect. I love the lighting (and the subjects, of course!). You should print and frame them.

  7. Rhonda Said:

    He is precious!

    I wish we had a huge lawn and a riding lawn mower.

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