American Idol Gives Back…

Gives back what? Our time? I’ll take that thank you very much. American Idol wasn’t American Idol last night, it was more like the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. I wonder if Ryan Seacrest knew he would be hosting a telethon instead of a pop-reality show? I really feel as tho’ Idol was trying to somehow deceive me. I just wanted to know who was getting voted off… and no one did. A fine waste of my time. Good thing I didn’t watch the whole thing. At least on Labor Day, you know what you are in for.

Oh yea, I did catch when they were telling Lakisha whether she was safe of not. Let’s just say, I hope they put aside a bit of that money raised to give that poor girl a shirt that fits!!! I didn’t need to see her who-ha’s peaking out in the button gap. Come on people, I’m sure you could have given the poor girl a bigger shirt!! Who was in charge of that fashion faux pa? Thank goodness someone gave her a safety pin, before they all had to perform. (sorry, I couldn’t find a pic)

One more thing (and this is for my bud Nikki) – what the fuck was up with a duet between Celine and ELVIS?!? Very disturbing.

Hubby’s home – yay! And every time Hunter has seen him since (like 1st thing in the morning or when Kev gets home from work, Hunter lets out this adorable little scream (if he was older it might be a Howard Dean scream). He’s just so happy to see him.

In other Hunter news, yesterday he started crawling ‘properly’ and not his army crawl. Of course he is now circling his playpen by holding on to the sides, so I’m not sure he is going to have much use for that crawling thing anyway.

Weighing in tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed.



  1. Annika Said:

    Is there anything more heartwarming than a boy in love with his daddy? I think not.

  2. nikki Said:

    Do NOT get me started on the Elvis/Celine Dion duet. It was a crime. I had to cover me ears screaming “LALALLALALLALALLALALA I CAN”T HEAR YOU!”

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