Bizzy, bizzy, bizzy…

You know, in my mind I’ve been blogging more regularly. So much to catch up on…

Hunter got his first haircut a week and a half ago, on Sunday, April 15th. Of course I got some of the hair. He was so good.



Fit with Finance Update:
I’ve lost 15 lbs so far and I am still in first place with 2 weeks to go. The closest person is 3 lbs behind me. But this is more than a contest for me; it needs to be a way of life. I want my family to be healthy and more importantly I want Hunter to grow up eating healthy, I don’t want him to have the same struggles I have always had. And if any of this body type crap is genetic, then he is going to need all the help he can get.

My clothes are definitely fitting better and I can wear my shorts from 2 years ago (pre-pregnancy). Now, if I could just fit into shorts I didn’t buy at Lane Bryant.

In due time, I am sure that will happen. I have been reading (and reading and reading). I am tracking what I’ve been eating on (pretty cool site for tracking and it’s FREE). You know the diet industry is all over the map about what is healthy and what is the best, healthiest way to lose weight. But that is a whole other post.

Hubby update:
Hubby is out of town and has been for 4 days (since Saturday). I miss him tremendously! We have the kind of marriage where we do things together so this feels un-natural. I know he misses the Bug really bad too. He is in Reno with some buddies, bowling in the National Tournament. I usually go with him, but they plan these so long in advance, we weren’t sure where we where going to be with money (work weirdness) and I just didn’t know if I could leave the Bug for that long. Well, we have had a great weekend together, enjoying the sunshine and 80 degree weather (gotta love Michigan!). We’ve been to the park – even tho’ he slept through the whole thing. We’ve gone for walks every evening. But boy will we be glad with Dad is back.



  1. Lolly Said:

    15 lbs! That’s fantastic. Great job!

    And it sounds like you and the bug had a great weekend. 😀

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I’m soooo happy you posted! 15 pounds is amazing Sheryl! Good for you. It’s so hard to change your lifestyle. I’ve still only lost about 11 pounds since January. The first part melted faster. I’m holding still now for some reason, despite my consistent working out. I’ve been eating the same though, so I think it’s time to make changes there.

    Bug’s hair is sooooo cute! He’s just the cutest little fellow. I know you miss your hubby, that’s so hard. I can understand that. Jeremy makes me feel safe and his company is the best. I hate it when he’s gone. Luckily that’s next to never!

  3. nikki Said:

    This weekend was wonderful weather wise! We took in Thomas and ye old Greenfield Village.

    You go babe! 15 lbs is fantastic!

    (isn’t it amazing how much older kids look after a haircut? Hunter is such a cutie!)

  4. Gina Said:


    And how cute he is!

  5. Meghan Said:

    WOW – 15 pounds??!! That is SO awesome!!

    Also, I totally hear you on Daddy being out of town. It’s so hard to be alone with the little one… even if it’s only for a couple of days.

  6. Rhonda Said:

    I was so disturbed by the Celine/Elvis duet that I dreamed I was pregnant with Elvis’ baby that night. Not that it would be all bad…if he wasn’t dead and what not.

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