It’s time to move the mattress

I don’t get to sleep in anymore so I steal as much sleep as I can when I don’t have to be at work. So tell me, how am I supposed to sleep when this is all I can see. Apparently Hunter was ready to get up.

Click on the photos for larger versions.




  1. Lolly Said:

    Oh! He’s so adorable. Look at that face! What a lovely way to wake up!!

  2. Gina Said:

    Ha! We had the same thing happen, but is is too cute!

  3. Gina Said:

    ooops, “it” is too cute!

  4. Stepherz Said:

    Whoa! He’s a smart little cookie! Yeppers, I think it’s time to lower the mattress!

  5. Meghan Said:

    Oh my! That is so freakin adorable!

    Xan is up and over everything now. Did I mention he climed into the bathtub the other day? :/

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