April 12 of 12

Well, better late then never. 🙂

Here’s my 12 of 12. For more info and great links, check out Chad’s site here.

There is a big gap in my picture times. For some reason, I completely forgot last month and this month I had momentary lapses in memory. That’s the reason for the sporadic times.

Hunter and Dad
8:05 AM Hunter and Hubby on the couch. Dad is feeding Hunter his breakfast even tho it looks like Hunter if feeding himself

Makeup drawer
8:11 AM This is my makeup drawer. I don’t wear a ton of makeup (you wouldn’t know it by the drawer contents), but when I do, this is where I start.

Bath time
8:15 AM I’m heading out to start my truck (hey, it’s still cold here) and I am greeted in the front hall with Jakey-Jake taking his morning bath… nice.

breakfast and snack
8:17 AM Since I have been on this diet (12 lbs down by the contest stats – woo hoo!) I have been making my lunch and eating breakfast at home before I go. The tomato juice is breakfast (at least part of) and the stuffed chicken breast is my mid-morning snack.

Catch with Big Brown Dog
8:35 AM The staple of my 12 of 12 shots – playing catch with the Big Brown Dog in the morning before work.

Morning snack
12:12 PM Boy what a hectic morning, no morning snack until noon.

This is a great song
1:54 PM I love this song. I’m in my car going to a local coney island to pick up a salad. I know I said I was making my lunch, but today I ran out of lettuce so it’s to the coney island for me.

1:55 PM Aforementioned coney island.

Missy in HER chair
8:59 PM This is Missy, she is our 12 year old black lab and the official furniture holder dower. In our house if you get up, chances are you will lose your seat.

Bonus Pic
9:05 PM BONUS PIC – my random word was RED, so here is a picture of my red sharpie.

Billy Joel... look out!
9:06 PM Hunter playing the piano. Now this is actually past his bed time, but he took two long naps today and so he has some extra energy.

9:13 PM Yep… standing and damn proud of it.

Sleeping angel
11:02 PM My little baby is back. He may look like a boy when he’s awake, but when he’s sleeping so peacefully, he’s all baby.

I know there are big blocks of the day missing. I think you should be happy that I forgot to take a picture of the 2 inch centipede that was on my office ceiling. Of course that would have been hard because I wasn’t going back in my office until someone killed that thing. I’m married now, I don’t do bug duty any more. I will certainly try to be more aware on the 12th of May. Hope you enjoyed another glimpse into my life.

Don’t forget to drop by Chad’s and check out some of the other 12 of 12’s. It’s pretty cool.



  1. MJ Said:

    Hey there, thought I would check out your 12 of 12 as well. I am new to this blogging thing, but it is a lot of fun so far. Looking forward to more posts and checking out other peoples blogs.

    Is it as cold in MI as it is in IA. Actually, the snow is starting to melt, so I am happy. It is suppose to be in the 50’s this weekend, so hopefully that is correct.

    Have a great day.

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I love 12 of 12! I can’t believe Bug is standing now! Noah is sort of trying to, but is still a bit wobbly and not quite strong enough to stand. He still isn’t crawling either, but I figure that’s probably he knows mommy will get him whatever his heart desires before he even knows he wants it. Still no teeth either! No steaks or hamburgers for this little dude.

    I just love Bug’s hair. I just got Noah’s hair long enough to spike it into a little mohawk after bath time. Love it!

  3. Linda Said:

    I love that Nickelback song, too!

    Nice pics. Hunter is so cute!

  4. Helen Said:

    Wow, Hunter’s growing so big! In that photo with the long hair, he looks so cute, and you know he’ll have all the girls after him with those cheeky good looks! And then you see him sparked out asleep, and as you said – he;s your baby again!

  5. Beth Said:

    Great pics!! Ahhh…Sirius! That’s the only think I miss about having a car. I loved me my Sirius radio…especially the Broadway channel!!

  6. Gina Said:

    I need to donate some of my extra makeup to you! Care for one of my twenty-plus lipsticks?

  7. nikki Said:

    Hey, Aaron has those sheets (or did when he was in a crib…..)

  8. Meghan Said:

    Jake caught in mid-lick. That’s hilareous.

    Also, Hunter has the busy zoo, too! Xan loves his… but I think I initially bought it for me. How cool is that thing?!

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