Step on the scale Ma’am.

Today is weigh in day. I lost 6 pounds. It may sound like a lot to some people but it seems to be only a drop in the bucket for me. But for the first time since I was pregnant the scale is going down. Yes, I said since I was pregnant – in the first part of my pregnancy I lost 15 lbs, I never started actually gaining weight until about 6 months along or so.

It feels good for the scale to be going the other way for a change. I think I like it! And I feel like I’m still able to live. Last night some friends called to see if we wanted to go have Mexican for dinner. Now I LOVE Mexican food and it’s pretty much a ritual for Kev and I to split a bowl of queso. We love queso. So we meet our friends at the restaurant (On the Border – OTB). Kev asks me if it’s okay if he orders cheese – sure it is. Well he didn’t. He’s just like that. For the 9 months I was pregnant and unable to get into the hot tub – he didn’t either. He also wouldn’t drink around me, even tho I told him it was okay. He’s just that kind of guy – aren’t I lucky?

Anyway…I normally get the chicken chimichanga, it’s on of my favs! But not yesterday. Yesterday I ordered a chicken breast with 4 shrimp and black beans. I scraped the cheese and pico de gallo off the top and ate it plain (the chicken, silly not the cheese and pico). And I only ate about 4 chips, not my usual 4 baskets. I really think this was the jump start that I needed. I don’t feel any where near the edge of the wagon, so there is no fear falling off it any time soon.

The exercising is starting out a little slower for me, but that’s okay. I am sure that will feel better soon as well. I probably should have worked out this morning, but in case you can’t tell… man I love me some sleep!

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys have been leaving in the comments. It really helps.

Hey Steph, I know what they say about soft drinks, but I am one of those weird birds – I don’t’ drink pop. I pretty much only drink water now, with an occasional iced tea (brewed straight up- no sugar) or glass of milk. I haven’t drank pop for probably 20 years, except maybe the occasional ice cold Coke with a slice of pizza and I did have a pop craving when I was pregnant, but that’s it. But basically I don’t like it. I can’t imagine how much I’d weigh if I did drink pop. hehehe

In other news…

You know with all these food recalls (peanut butter, cat and dog food) I am starting to see a pattern. All these big label makers get their food from the same place others do, like Wal-mart, Kroger and Safeway. So why am I spending so much to feed my two dogs and two cats (and believe me, it’s a lot) Iams when I think I can buy Wal-mart and get the same stuff??? Anyone?? When I looked at this website that lists all the brands the recalled food is sold under, it really makes me think. Oh and don’t worry, I don’t feed my pets wet food. But you should already know this because if one of my animals got sick because someone accidentally put rat poison in the food – I would have posted about it… probably in all caps.



  1. Lolly Said:

    6 lbs! That’s an awesome start!

    And I know all about it being just a ‘drop in the bucket’. Believe me. Right now I’m only losing about 1 lb a week. But, still, every week, I weigh less than before. Even though it’s slow-going, I know that there will be progress. Many times I’ve *wanted* and even planned to lose weight, and I gave up, for whatever reason. Then, come summer, I think, “If you’d stuck to it, you’d be thinner now!. *This* summer, I’ll get to actually *be* thinner! I know I won’t be at my goal yet, but by Christmas, I will be!! If there’s something I want that I shouldn’t have, I just tell myself, “I hate being fat more than I love (insert tempting food here)”. It really works. Because it’s really true.

    And I already had to buy all new pants, because the old ones were falling off me. 😀

    Stick with it! It is SO worth it!!

  2. Stepherz Said:

    Whoa, I hadn’t heard about the recalled food. Ummm. We had peanut butter toast for breakfast. Am gagging now. I think I’d rather eat the actual rat than the rat poison.

    Sheryl!!!! I’m sooooo proud of you! I cannot beleive how much you have lost! My mesely 10 pounds in 2 months looks like chump change now! Whoa. Keep it up, Girlfriend. We’ll celebrate next year by taking a girl trip to the Bahamas. In thong bikinis. Ha!

  3. nikki Said:

    yeah, keep on rockin’ it! 6 lbs, great job! now if only i could get my big ole butt in gear.

  4. Jenn Said:

    Wooo and Hooo!

    Nicely done, m’dear!

  5. Carla Said:

    Congrats on the weight loss! I’ve lost almost 15 myself since the beginning of the year.

    By the way, came across your site by clicking on the other bloggers who do 12 of 12. I’m a 12 of 12er myself!

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