diet crap-o-rama

Well day 4, so far so good. I have done the treadmill twice this week (that’s sounds kinda kinky “done the treadmill” – but believe me, it’s not like that!) Body for Life is pretty strict – you should be doing cardo every other day and weight training on the off days. But I’m not interested in going all gongho for two weeks and then being exhausted and giving up, because I didn’t pace myself.

I really wanted to get up and workout on Tuesday, but instead I laid in bed wishing for so more sleep. Only to lay there thinking of a 101 excuses and reasons why I should not get up and work out. Morning brain won that fight. Why does sleep have to be like heroine? Why can’t I just decide what I am going to do the next morning (before I go to bed) and have that be the same thought process I wake up with. I see a real flaw in the human body here. I guess sleep is like heroine in more than one way: it’s addictive and mind altering!

I am also re-reading the South Beach Diet book.

Recent conversation with my doctor:

Doc: Have you considered the South Beach Diet?

Me: yea… I read the book… but I didn’t lose any weight.
I bet my doc loves me.

Anyway, the issue I have with the South Beach Diet is for the first few weeks you can’t eat fruit. Now I can understand no potatoes, no pasta, no rice, no bread… shit like that I understand, but no fruit. How healthy can it be? So I’m leary, but optimistic. Perhaps I can come up with a new way of eating and exercising that works for me. Lord knows I have read enough nutrition books to be considered an expert. I just needed to break my current cycle and do something new to get out of the rut. Wendy’s will miss me! And Starbucks – I bet their stock has dropped – I haven’t been there for weeks! I do feel like I am eating healthier (not that I ate all that unhealthy before). Honest, I don’t know how I got to be the size of a house.

According to the scale, a bit of weight has come off, but I am going to wait until Friday to see how much I have lost for the week. We are doing the contest at work again and we weigh in on Fridays.



  1. nikki Said:

    you should look into T-Tapp. It’s a great workout and perfect for the “mommy tummy.” Plus it includes an interesting approach to changing your eating lifestyle.

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I did the SB diet too, but I skipped phase 1. My doc said it was healthier to skip the first stage, even though it is the major weightloss stage. I still lost about 2 pounds per week. Problem is that dieting is hard for me and I know it has to become a part of my lifelong lifestyle. I’m not willing to sacrifice that much. To me it seems easier to just exercise 3 times a week and eat mostly what I want the rest of the week. The only thing about my diet that I changed is that I don’t allow myself to have anything but diet drinks or water (I read somewhere that every American would lose weight by just cutting out the sugar in their drinks– makes sense).

    I think you can lose weight with just exercise. I think that is where people end up getting overwelmed and quitting– doing diet AND exercise. With you working too, it isn’t so easy to do the exercise. I never had energy/time for exercise when I had to work 40 hours a week. Good for you for working towards your goal despite all the challenges! There’s nothing wrong with starting slow, that’s just the way you should do it.

    Would it help to do your exercise at night, after Bug goes to bed and you’re done with dinner, baths, etc? Your body may be tired at night but you might gain some energy as you go. And that way the sleep addiction won’t be an issue. Also, when the weather gets nicer, you could always take Bug for a walk/bike ride after work! A swift 40 minute walk burns 225-250 calories!

    Good luck, Sheryl!

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