Mail time.

Ok so yesterday was March 12th. Ring a bell for anything? If you remembered the
12 of 12
then you are one step ahead of me… I forgot. Hunter has been sick for several days. I thought he was getting better Sunday since his temp of 102+ had finally gone away. Well Monday morning (late morning – 6AM-ish, not early when he first got up at 4 AM) his fever had returned with a vengeance – 102 again. So we went to the doctor to find out he has another ear infection (do you think they make this up?) They always say he has an ear infection, but how am I supposed to tell. He doesn’t tug on his ear, it doesn’t get red, so what’s the big tell-tale sign?

Just because I’m a dork and forgot all about the 12 of 12 doesn’t mean you should go and have a look. I will try to remember next month. Plus I may just throw some pics in this month just to feel better. I can’t believe I forgot.

I have some letters to write today…

Dearest Hunter,

You know Mommy loves you more than anything. Every time you sneeze it’s like Christmas… I have to run over and see what kind of present you have left me on your upper lip. I know you can’t help this and I am sorry I have to wipe your nose and use that blue sucky thing you hate so much. I just wish you would feel better and would resume your regularly scheduled sleeping schedule. Up every hour or two is kicking your dear Mommies ass!

Love you tons!

Dear Target Parking Nazi,

No really… you take that parking spot up by the door I was waiting for. I’m sure your existence is way more important than mine. Besides, who doesn’t love to walk from no-where-land with a sick baby, just to get a prescription filled. I wish I had the courage to leave you a note written in the salty dirt on your fancy-smancy SUV. I would have wrote: I hope you fuck better than you park. (I stole that from someone but I am going to use it anyway). But I guess that really wouldn’t have applied, you parked fine, you just did it quickly without regard for anyone else…. Well perhaps that is the way you fuck too.

Remember, karma’s a bitch,

Dear Brain,

I know life has been weird for you lately. Lack of challenges and all. But when I get up every couple of hours to tend to my sick son, it would be great if you didn’t get all awake on me. 11:30, 12:45, 1:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:15 and especially 4:45 are not the best time for you to be doing 100 miles an hour. We should all be doing our part to live a long and happy life, but if you insist on being a night owl, we are all going to die very, very young and very, very tired.

Thanks for thinking of us…
The rest of Sheryl’s body.

Dear Big Brown Dog,

If you needed a Kleenex all you had to do was ask. It was completely unnecessary for you to rip open a three-pack of large Kleenex boxes and spread them all over the living room floor. I would have gladly given you what you needed. Oh and if you just wanted to chew on some cardboard, there were plenty of empty boxes in the basement. There really was no need to shred the boxes where the Kleenex used to live.


Dear George W,

I think it would be swell if you could find a way to divert some of the billions and billions of dollars that you are spending making sure Bagdad gets on it’s feet over here to Michigan. We are quickly losing ground here; people are being laid off, our unemployment rate is way higher than the national average and the economy just sucks. I’m sure it’s because we are so heavily into the automotive market which is taking a giant dump. I just thought it might be a neat idea to spend some of American’s hard earned dollars over here… you know… in AMERICA!

Love ya – not!
A hard-working, tax-paying American citizen.

P.S. you’re a dumb-ass.



  1. Stepherz Said:

    I LOVE your letters! Too funny! And don’t EVEN get me started on George. Has anyone thought of impeaching the tyrant? He should be in special ed, not the White House. GOSH I’m ready to not have to see his face anymore. Has it been 4 years yet? Even if I were Republican I would be ready for him to be DONE. How much more trouble can we get in to? And why does the whole nation overlook Michigan’s problems?

    I hope Bug starts to feel better soon. Noah has been sick every weekend for a month. The virus, a cold, a stomach bug, and finally he’s now got a fever (104 on Sunday). He’s getting better now, thank goodness. I soooo feel for you with the waking all night long. But I really feel for you because you are working too. Keep your chin up, summer and the healthy days are on the way!

  2. nikki Said:

    children’s ear infections……boy, oh boy, do i know them well.
    if hunter’s continue (i’m inserting my foot into my mouth right now.) you may want to seek out an ENT……..

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