February 12 of 12

I love this 12 of 12 challenge. If you would like to see more participants or even participate yourself just click here and you will go to Chad’s site where you can see all the participants. It’s very cool to see people’s days from all over the world. I would certainly encourage you to click around over there.

I have finally figured out how the bonus picture works (thanks for the explanation Chad!). So actually its 13 of 12 or 12 of 13… I’m not sure which is which. So here we go.

Gotta love this man!!
7:52 AM – My honey in the kitchen making bottles for Hunter’s day. Am I the luckiest woman in the world, or what?

"I love my Dada"
8:14 AM – Kev and Hunter looking outside ready to wave goodbye to Mom.

"let's play"
8:15 AM – Big Brown Dog… “let’s play… come on… kick the ball…” I told you I do this every morning!

The poor ball
8:16 AM – This is the ball! This poor ball… it’s all frozen and smushed… I don’t kick it so much anymore. I usually toss it. It’s like kicking a rock now…. Stupid cold weather /mumble.

about $2 worth of *bucks coffee
8:31 AM – In the Starbuck’s parking lot… it’s a shame to pay that much for coffee only to throw out the frozen remnants’ later. At least they didn’t litter with the cup…

Whale Tail calendar
10:03 AM – I’m at the office and I have just hung my new “Whale Tail” calendar. I paid a dollar for it over the weekend!! And that is my large red water glass and cool Calligraphy & Letter Art Calander.

very addictive
10:05 AM – Now I am filling my candy bucket with these!! If you haven’t tried these – DON’T! There must be heroine in them because they are that addicting.

End of the day
5:13 PM – It’s the end of the day and I have just shut my computer off.

5:16 PM – Lights off… really. This is the light switch for my office. Not only is it outside the door but it’s up-side-down…. nice.

5:16 PM – All signed out.

Daycare face
5:34 PM – Picking Bug up at daycare, this is the face I am greeted with.

Mail's in
5:48 PM – Stopping at the mailbox before heading down the driveway. Holy crap, there’s a lot of junk in there.

Kiss goodnight
8:38 PM – BONUS pic – the kiss goodnight. The Bug is asleep for the night. He usually falls asleep here in my arms. This is my bonus pic – if this isn’t ‘love’ then I don’t know what is.



  1. Jenn Said:

    I love seeing these pictures – and I remember yesterday was the 12th at around 11:32am. At work. With no camera.

  2. Condoblogger Said:

    The look on Big Brown Dog’s face while he/she waits for you to kick the ball is priceless! The frozen coffee in the Starbucks lot is HYSTERICAL! I thought it was a candle or something. LOL

  3. Helen Said:

    I’m glad you love 12 of 12 too! That second photo, with Kevin and Bug – Bug looks so cute. And then so happy in the daycare photo!

    But oh man, I melted a little on the bonus pic! You need a nice frame for that, and then put it on your work desk 😉

  4. Your BONUS Pic is adorable!!!

  5. Linda Said:

    Great pic of your two guys – and that Bonus Pic is amazing!


  6. Beth Said:

    OOH! I am SO going to the Hershey store when I get paid!!!!!!!!
    Nice pics!!

  7. Bill Lipp Said:

    I like the frozen remnant as well, and the fact that you call your kid “the Bug”. Good pics.

  8. Joy T. Said:

    Big Brown Dog is priceless as he’s waiting for the rock…I mean ball. Too cute! And your little ‘Bug” couldn’t be sweeter. When I see a baby smiling like that I know life is good for him. I didn’t read about the bonus pic but glad I saw yours. There’s nothing more precious than seeing a photo like this!

  9. Meghan Said:

    Yay for 12 of 12! Or 13 of 12. Whatever.

    I adore that second photo of Kevin & Hunter. And the last one. So sweet.

  10. Stepherz Said:

    These pictures are so awesome, Sheryl! Your family is cute enough to squeeze!

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