“Trim-Spa Baby”

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Anna Nicole Smith the voluptuous former Playboy centerfold who married an octogenarian billionaire and waged a legal battle for his fortune all the way to the Supreme Court, died Tuesday after collapsing at a hotel. She was 39.

Because I had to be the first….

I’m starting a pool. How do YOU think she died?:
Drug Overdose?
“Trim-Spa Baby”?



  1. Laurie Said:

    I’ve got to go with drugs. Lots of drugs.

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I’m so glad you asked, I’m DYING to talk about this! I totally think she was murdered. She was worth something like $450 million dead to her oil tycoon husbands family. Whoever ends up with that money is the culprit. They were just waiting for the opportunity and now was perfect– make it look like suicide since she’s so depressed over her son. $450 mill makes people do crazy things I think. I’m just so sad for her because she had a rocky history, so everyone will believe it was drugs or suicide. That’s just easier for us to comprehend. That’s sort of kharma for her too because if she had lived a cleaner life, everyone would know she was murdered and they would prosecute her killer, or at least look for him. Hindsight now.

    I think it bizarre she married that Stern guy so abruptly after her son’s death. I mean, how many years has he been around and she just decides to marry him suddenly? I wonder if he will be a suspect– bet he and the baby are next up in line to inherit the money she was fighting for. He too could be a villian. It’s going to take a good team of investigators– those that can’t be paid off and that will pursue justice. I don’t think there is such a thing anymore…

    Sorry, you probably weren’t looking for a mile long guess! 🙂

  3. ~Sheryl Said:

    Steph, I put murder in there because I think she was murdered too! I am very sad for her 5 month old daughter – what a messed up way to have your little life start.

  4. herb Said:

    I think that, honestly, her heart just gave up, both emotionally and physically.

    Not that death is something to joke about, but my friend wins for funniest comment yesterday- “She died! She has a 5-month old! That’s so irresponsible!”

  5. Joy T. Said:

    I was going to write what herb said. I honestly believe the poor woman just had enough and her body finally gave in to all the stress and torment she’s been going through. The death of her son, everyone wanting SOMETHING from her, news hounds all over her, a mother who seems like an idiot, little own a newborn and the hormones raging over just that. I could go on and on. I think she needed a rest and I’m glad she’s finally at peace from this incredibly insensitive world we live in today.

  6. Meghan Said:

    EXACTLY what Steph said.

    Dude, she was totally murdered.

    I feel so bad for her tiny little girl. I know ANS wasn’t the model citizen, but nobody should lose their mom like that… especially before they have the chance to know them.

  7. Heather Said:

    I almost posted at 2:30 PST so I could be the first but alas you WIN. And I’m surprised that this is the first blog entry on Anna.

    I think it was too many drugs AND the diet program. I mean really…….the woman basically got paid to be drugged out when she had her reality show. And then got paid to lose weight rapidly and in an unhealthy way.

    Interesting that Marilyn Monroe died in her early 40’s………..where drug overdose or murder were the top 2 possible causes of death.

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