Why is WTF always my first thought?

$245 Million Dollars!!

“Jim Wilson II, 84, and his wife, Shirley, 79, claimed the winning prize from last Wednesday’s drawing, along with their three sons.”

I guess it could be karma… but jeez, what took so long?

Just a few things that strike me as funny:

“When the Wilsons learned they had won, they got professional financial advice before claiming the prize.

Jim Wilson II has the option of receiving $254 million in 30 payments over 29 years, or accepting a lump-sum payment worth $120 million before taxes.”

Um… duh?

“The couple also said they will set aside money for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

Yea, because you have to stop yourself before you spent all $245 million! And boy is that inheritance tax going to be a bitch!!

Does anyone else have that Alanis Morrisette song in their head??



  1. Stepherz Said:

    I’m so hurt. I could cry. I forgot to buy a ticket when the jackpot was so high (the only time I ever play). I think I would have won that one. I guess I’ll have to win the next one. Darn.

    I just watched a show about the Lottery Curse on E! channel. It was pretty interesting. It’s amazing how so many people just absolutely lose their minds when they win. They throw away everything that means something. They end up with nothing in the end.

    I’m pretty humble. Yep. All I need is $1,000,000. I could live off of that. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

  2. At least they didn’t have like, a heart attack or something. Hmm… wonder if I could pass as a long-lost great grandchild?

  3. Meghan Said:

    If we’d won the lottery… we’d have bought a lot of phentermine.


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