What would you do with an extra grand?

Apparently I may be getting some extra cash I wasn’t expecting. I’m not talking about the coveted income tax refund that never really leaves that back of you mind. I’m talking about a couple of grand falling in my lap from no where.

Now, I’m not the kind of person that counts her chickens before they have hatched, but it is fun to think about. My practical half …well it’s not really half, maybe a third… anyway my practical third says put the money in the bank for a rainy day or unexpected expense. Who can really ever listen to that kind of advice anyway? I don’t really want to use it to pay any bills, because… well to be frank… besides the mortgages and utilities we don’t have any bills. Nope, no credit cards or anything… we don’t use them. Besides that mortgages and the cars, we don’t buy it if we can’t pay cash for it. And I just don’t know how paying an extra grand on the mortgage is going to a) help or b) feel good.

Clothes!! I could buy some clothes. I’m not selfish; I would buy clothes for all of us. But then Kev would make me clean out a closet and make room for more clothes and I just can’t part with my “skinny” clothes – I hope to use them again some day. (Note: skinny is relative here).

Vacation someplace warm and tropical… yea!!! … oh wait, I used all my vacation time having a baby. shit.

Camera lens I have been drooling over has some merit, don’t ya think? Maybe hubby would like the new PS3 for Valentine’s Day… oooh… dontcha love electronic gadgets!!

What would you do with a few extra grand??



  1. Annika Said:

    Ooh, go for the gadgets if you can’t do the vacation! I would, sadly, have to use it to pay bills. But if I didn’t, we’d go on a trip for sure.

  2. Stepherz Said:

    Ohhhh, lucky you! A vacation sounds good; you could save up your leave for a few months and go during a 3 day weekend (May).

    I need a new mattress. Mine hurts oh. so. awful. I might as well have spring marks on my hips and ass every morning. Hmmm, lastly: A deck on the back of the house. I like the treks boards– no splinters on baby or momma feets. I’d get Noah a new highchair. I think I’d get Bella a little tricycle. Austin some new video games. Jeremy some contact lenses (Or the materials for my deck. mwaa-ha-ha-ha).

    Austin bought the Xbox 360 and loves it. A PS3 sounds wonderful, as does the camera lens. What’s Bug gonna get?

  3. Gina Said:

    I’m not so much a gadget-y person, so I’m not sure a couple grand on stuff like that is a good thing. How about (if you don’t already have one) starting a 529 plan for Hunter?

    That being said, I would put it in some kind of money market account and save my vacation days and wait until I could take a kick-ass one.

    Or, perhaps a new couch. We could really, really use a new couch.

  4. Heather Said:

    Mmmm………….I’m partial to camera lenses! So much enjoyment.

    And do you realize how commendable it is that you don’t have credit cards!! And although some practical use, like a college fund, is good, I’m thinking you need to treat yourself to something fun and with immediate enjoyment!

  5. Meghan Said:

    One word for you:


  6. Kelly Said:

    I’m oh so boring these days. Well, I waffle between boring and fanciful. I’d either pay a little extra on the student loans… or take a fabulous vacation to Italy.

    If you go somewhere cool, blog about it so that I can live vicariously…

  7. Jenn Said:

    I would do a 50/50 split. I would put half away and then spend the rest.

    Okay, I lie. I would probably put half away, and then split the remaining half between a lump sum on either the vehicle or the house and fun stuff.

    so to recap:
    50% savings
    25% lump sum on long-term debt
    25% family fun spening (which could be further broken down into overall household, kid, hubby, and you)

    This is pretty much what I do on months I have extra from my paycheque after bills and savings.

    And I, too, don’t have other debt such as credit cards. I don’t have a house yet and I paid off my car (want a new one) – but I have three remaining student loans so those are like car and house in feel (ie: too big to really dent with a lump sum).

    I think about these things waaaay too much.

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