January 12 of 12

I think I originally heard about the 12 of 12 idea from Helen as a comment on Meghan’s blog. It was the brain child of Chad and he has a whole host of folks participating.

I apologize in advance for the rushed nature of this post and the pics, but I am leaving tomorrow at 4 AM for Tennessee to spend some time with some family. And for those enquiring minds; I took the week off and me and my three favorite boys (husband, brother and son) are traveling to Tennessee. Emotionally, I am in a much better place, thanks for all your encouraging words.

On to the pics…shit! I just noticed my camera date is one day off. So while the pics all say they were taken on the 11th, they were really taken on the 12th and you just have to trust me on this one. Plus, I will fix my camera date as soon as I am done.


#1 – 9:07 AM – yep, my truck is still in the driveway. I told you I didn’t go to work today.


#2 – 9:08 AM – Every morning before I leave I have to play kick the ball with Tyler (The Big Brown Dog). Look at that face… how could you refuse. And yes folks, that’s green grass in Michigan in January – what a screwy weather year it’s been.


#3 – 9:18 AM – Destination Starbucks, need I say more?


#4 – 9:31 AM – Back home and about to pull in the driveway. That’s my house waaay back there in the trees (not on the left – that’s the neighbor’s) This is why my truck is always so dirty.


#5 – 9:38 AM – Time for some music.


#6 – 11:24 AM – Getting ready to vacuum – yep, it’s a Dyson baby!


#7 – 12:26 PM – What is that noise?? Oh, it’s just the cat in the bag. This is the most curious cat there is. Meet, Willow.


#8 – 12:56 PM – Fresh out of the shower with a new hair color… like it?


#9 – 1:25 PM – Almost ran into this spider as I was leaving to meet my hubby for lunch. Eeewww!


#10 – 1:36 PM – Look, it’s hubby.


#11 – 2:28 PM – This is where we had lunch and now we are on the way back home to pack and get ready for our trip.


#12 – 9:52 PM – A very asleep little bug, after a bunch of running around and a visit to Granny’s. Boy does he have a big day tomorrow… road trip!

Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at the 12 of 12. Sorry if it’s lame, it’s been a weird week.



  1. Helen Said:

    Hi Sheryl! Yay you did it! One person down (two if you include Min, but I don’t know if she’s going to link to the post on Chad’s Blog), many more to go!

    Willow and Tyler look so cute… and look at the adorable sleeping bug! 😉

    Hope you have a safe trip [hug]

  2. Beth Said:

    Wonderful! And welcome to the 12 of 12 fold!! 🙂

  3. bon Said:

    Oh, how nice to meet Willow! Willow looks a bit like my Thwok. Great 12 of 12. Hope the trip to TN was safe and fun. See you next month!

  4. Stepherz Said:

    Love this post! I like the look it gives into your life. I might try this sometime.

    Glad you took some time off for you! 🙂

    I think Willow is a pretty neat kitty! I also love the name Willow.

    Your family is so adorable. I also love your hair color. And I agree, we would be beer and burger friends wouldn’t we?!

  5. maurye Said:

    Nice camera. Great 12 of 12

  6. Gina Said:

    Not lame! Have a good trip!

  7. Michele Said:

    Great 12 of 12! Your little one is adorable. And who wouldn’t love a bagged cat! Thanks for posting!


  8. Bill Lipp Said:

    Love the house nestled in the woods …and the Dyson!

  9. Jenn Said:

    Ohh, vacuum p0rn!

  10. herb Said:

    Thanks for the pics, and have a safe trip!


    Welcome to the “12 of 12”-Familiy :o)


  12. CC Said:

    What cute animals! I know I couldn’t say no to The Big Brown Dog, and The Curious Cat is oh so cute. Of course, we all know who takes the cake – that little one is precious, and sleeping like an angel to boot!
    Great 12 of 12.

  13. Meghan Said:

    Awesome job!

    I especially love the kitty pic.

    I was lame this month and forgot.

    But… I was flying with an infant that day. Oh wait. That would have made for some great photos!

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