Hit me with your best shot…

Ok 2007, you have obviously decided you are going to be a character building year for me. I say… bring it on!

Hey… It’s National De-lurking Week!
Is Hallmark making cards for all these Internet Weeks of… things? Well don’t worry; you don’t have to send me a card or anything. Just drop a little note that says hi, that would be cool.

Oh and speaking of cool… check this out! I know it’s a bit late if you think snowflakes are Chirstmas-y, but this is pretty cool. Especially if you have ever cut out your own snowflakes.

Ok, you want to laugh… try this. I would do my own link to the video, but I can’t get YouTube at work… and that’s where I am right now. Hopefully I got the link right this time, Bill.

Well that’s all I got… come on, leave a comment, you know you want to.



  1. Joy T. Said:

    Bring it on indeed. What a way for you to start out your new year. So sorry for your loss. I will be in the same situation one day and it is not going to be fun. To go or not to go, that is the million dollar question.
    On a lighter note glad you were able to see the video, I still go take a peek when I want to laugh.
    So just wanted to come on and be the first to comment….and also to stop lurking :o)

  2. Helen Said:

    Hi Sheryl, I used to read your Blog and for some reason stopped (don’t ask me why, I have no idea!). I was Googling for 12 of 12 as I was at work and didn’t have the link to Chad’s Blog, and all the 12 of 12 Google results are the Blog posts people have made – including my comment on Meghan’s Blog once, telling her to do it! I usually do go back and read the comments on people’s entries because sometimes people reply to each other in the comments, but I must have missed this one, and you’d replied to me!

    I hope you can do 12 of 12 today – and in the second half of that comment you left on Meghan’s Blog (replying to me), you said something about “I love seeing your photos” – I don’t know whether that was referring to me or Meghan, but in case it was me – thanks! (I didn’t know you read my Blog, which is why I wasn’t sure it was me you were talking to there).

    If this is too rambly and makes no sense, I’m sorry – I’m at work [doh].

  3. Bill Said:

    Imagine if Hallmark got royalties or something for comments.
    Things are complicated enough already; even more so for you. Hope you find some answers, peace, and relief – for starters.

    And thanks for the link. I’ve watched the thing every day this week; it’s just not getting old.

  4. Heather Said:

    Having your father actually die must be very strange since you’ve probably been mourning his death (out of your life) for most of your life. I’m glad you described yourself as an emotional person since we all are but some of us deny it. Mourning comes and goes. It’s probably a life long process that will hopefully result in “acceptance” at some point (or at many points). Perhaps there is some kind of ritual you can do for yourself (or with your brother) that will help you move through this part of your mourning process. Letting the anger out seems important. Maybe writing a letter to him and then burning it.

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