Don’t be like this, 2007

It’s been kind of a bumpy start to 2007. My Mom fell last Friday and broke her arm. My Mom is very independent and she was moving boxes putting her Christmas stuff away and she tripped over a box and broke her arm just below her shoulder. It’s rough for a couple of reasons. My Mom lives alone so it’s difficult for her to get around with one arm. Luckily it is her left arm, but it is still difficult. Not to mention the ripple it put in her confidence. When you break your arm so close to your shoulder, they can’t put a cast on it, they can only put your arm in a sling and you have to let gravity straighten your arm.

This could be a definite down side to having kids late in life. Having a 7 month old takes up a lot of your time. But you can always find more time, especially if you have a parent to take care of as well. Luckily I have a very loving and understanding husband who helps out a lot – with my Mom and Hunter.

My level of calmness kind of surprised me. My Mom called me at work and told me she fell and she thought she broke her arm. She was very upset (obviously). Since I am only 15 minutes from her house I told her I would be right there. When I got to her house she was wigging out. I stayed extremely calm, calmed her down, got some ice for her shoulder and asked her the standard questions (or at least I think they are standard). Did you hit your head? Are you hurt anywhere else? Did you lose consciousness? Stuff like that. I was trying to keep her from worrying, which is hard to do. One of her first comments was that she wouldn’t be able to hold Hunter.

It’s weird when you have to become the parent to your parent. I am very thankful that I am able to do that with a clear mind and a ton of patience (where the hell did I get that!?) Mostly, I’m thankful to have a parent. Many of my friends have lost theirs.

We are going back to the doctor today. But I’m sure Mom is on the mend. She has stopped taking the pain meds (Vicodin) and she even sounds better when we speak. Now she just needs something to keep her occupied while she is stuck in the house. It’s hard to scrapbook with one hand.



  1. Jenn Said:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. My coworker just went through the same thing before Christmas. Same area of her arm too so she’s been off work and will stay off a few more weeks. So I’m very aware of how difficult a break that is to have. I’m glad she’s feeling better – I’m sending you all my best!


  2. nikki Said:

    having just had shoulder surgery in september and having to spend 5 weeks with my arm strapped to my side, i can relate to how your mom feels. hope she heals fast!

  3. Bill Said:

    Oy that’s rough! Glad you were nearby *and* able to stay calm. Must be strange to take on that parental-care role, but it sure seems like you’re handling it. This is good!

  4. Laurie Said:

    Oh, dear. I hope she heals quickly.

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