I’m grumpy today. Must be PMS. I don’t think PMS and X-MaS go together very well. We aren’t even going to discuss being emotional during Christmas specials…

The shirt I was planning on wearing today is ruined. I went to get it out of the dryer (cuz that’s just how it works now…) and I found it …ruined! I apparently closed the tag of said shirt in the dryer door. So after being wound around, oh I don’t know… four bazillian times, the collar finally ripped. Not to mention the beautiful lines down the back that look like wringing marks… damn. Oh did I mention it was a NEW shirt. Fuuuuck!

Today is our departments Christmas party. We exchanged our Secret Santa gifts yesterday… ?? – I know, confusing. But I only work here. Especially now, I really don’t feel like I fit in here. I feel like an outsider. I’m used to being the organizer, doer, helper etc. Here I’m not, I’m the chick from the Silverdome… It’s not like I didn’t know these folks, I have known most of them for many years. But I just don’t feel like I fit in and that sucks.

Did I mention I was grumpy?



  1. Bill Said:

    Oy! What a day, eh? I hate when appliances turn destructive. And there’s just never enough satisfaction available in yelling at and/or kicking them. Explosives, maybe, but there are some downsides and complications with that…

    Hope you’re able to get some resolution for the ill-fitting feelings at work. And in case I don’t wander in here again over the next few days – Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I did something similar to a whole load of new clothes for Bella. I put them in the freakin’ dryer with a pen or something (I never found what actually did the damage-it disapeared) and the whole entire load of unworn clothes. I wanted to cry– $45 down the drain.

    I’m also having dejavu as I type this, so I hope I haven’t already bitched about this to you in another comment.

  3. Heather Said:

    Hey woman……..howdy and hello and just checkin’ in.

    I wrote about PMS yesterday. Bloggers on the same cycle? Mmm……

    Also just wanted to say that I hardly ever get comments but I keep on blogging for some darn reason. I guess I like to hear myself type. 😉

  4. herb Said:

    Belated Merry Christmas!

    And don’t get me started on offices and holidays…

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