Space storms affecting blog comments?

You know for a while I thought I was losing my mind… and obviously that potential is still there. But I am quite sure I have been posting some comments and then when I go back either a few minutes later or a day or two my comment isn’t there. I have seen a few people mention that they were having problems posting comments, but I didn’t think anything of it. Because I always preview my comments (just to see how it will look and give myself one more chance to check for typos). The comments have always been there.

But this time I KNOW I posted the comment (I even still have it in word!) and when I go back it’s not there. WTF. Now I can think of at least 3 occasions in the past 2 weeks that I have posted comments and then they were gone. Like I said, I thought it was just me… but now I know, it’s some kind of conspiracy!.

Here is my most recent comment for Jenn

“When I was in school it was marbles and you played marbles (imagine that) to get someone elses. There weren’t stickers yet.

If you were cool, you kept your stickers in a purple “Crown Royal” type of bag.

Stickers would have been so much more fun. Even tho’ those steelies were pretty cool. Perhaps I was a pioneer tho’, I used to cut out comics and cool sayings and tape them to my folders.

I feel old…”

I know I posted a comments on Stepherz’ site and over at Mommy Grows Up. I figured Kelly was just monitoring her comments, but apparently that’s not the case. I have also had to fish out one of Stepherz comments from the Spam Trash.

Wonkey things going on people!

Maybe it was just the space storm.

Yea… that’s it.

I had to ‘Refresh’ the page… I’m a dork… move on… nothing to see here….

Good thing it’s Friday…. sigh



  1. Lack of refresh might cover this instance, but “Blogger Beta” – ugh. Trying to post comments, blogger stalled without relading the page. I’d close the coment window and reload things myself; no comment. I’d try again. Same thing. Turned out Blogger was just runnign a little SLOW. And the multiple comments I posted ALL showed up, one by one.

    I do like the solar storm explanation though, and not just because “radioactivity” though I admit it’s a factor.

  2. And – ah. The 1st comment would have been a good candidate for preview (or at least review). Bad fingers! Bad! *slap*

  3. Stepherz Said:

    That happened to me on another site– it thought I was spam and wouldn’t let me comment. I kept rewording the damn post trying to be excepted and it kept denying me. I gave up. What’s weird is that the blog problems are with different platforms, so you can’t figure out who to blame.

    I’m with you. I blame the stars. Damn galaxy. Stupid, stupid planets. Fargin’ universe.

  4. Ok….sympathize with the totally losing my mind thing….and then I went into giggles over the comment…..

    You used the crown royal bags for stickers…. I thought they were perfect for all my Dungeons and Dragons Dice!


  5. nikki Said:

    I don’t think I ever had a mind to lose……….

  6. Jenn Said:

    Heee, I got your comment – BUT there has been some instanity with beta blogger and dude, Space STORMS! STORMS! They make everything wonky.

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