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Good news, bad news…

Holy shit, it’s cold. I sure don’t mind all four seasons. It’s one of the reasons I love Michigan. But come on… it was 68 degrees on Wednesday and today it’s sleeting and 32 degrees. Now I’m all for some crisp air, but when it goes from 68 to 28 in two days the air no longer feels crisp. It feels really fucking cold. And it’s raining. I would feel better if it snowed, at least it would be brighter outside. How come it doesn’t seem as cold out if there is snow on the ground?

On the up side… no more mud in the driveway or on my truck. All the mud that was on my truck fell off in the frigid cold and the driveway is (hopefully) frozen. We have a long driveway (300 feet) and our neighbors live next to it. They were building a new house this past summer and in the process of building up their grade they completely destroyed our driveway. There hasn’t been gravel on our gravel drive for months. So every time it rains, we have a mud bog to drive through.

Hubby works outside all day; I don’t know how he isn’t completely frozen. He has to work early tomorrow, but I sure see a fire in the fireplace in our future. Speaking of working, we both have to work tomorrow… hello? it’s Saturday… when did Saturday become a work day?

On the up side… I can take a day off next week and maybe get some shopping done.



  1. Stepherz Said:

    I’m first, I’m first. Ninny, ninny, Niiinnnny!

    Bug is adorable! I’m going to try to wean Noah into his own bed. I just love snuggling with him at night and having him close enough that I know he’s ok all night. I know I’ll sleep better when he’s in his own bed. But he’s so tiny and warm and his crib is so big and cold!

    Good job for finishing and never missing a post. Yayyy!

  2. Mist 1 Said:

    What?! I tip them all the time and I have never once had them sing to me.

    This is sort of like the game I like to play with the crew at Chik-fil-A. When you thatnk them , they have to say “my pleasure.”

    Only, this is waaaay better. I will be having ice cream tomorrow.

  3. nikki Said:

    yeah, good ole michigan! nothing like waking up to 15 degree weather and a light dusting of snow on the ground! I miss the 65 degree weather the other day.

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