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Still the hardest part is going through all the posts trying to determine who is still in the running and who isn’t. Even harder now that there was almost a whole month of posts to go through for each site. I hope I haven’t done anyone an injustice, but if a blog didn’t strike my fancy, I wasn’t hanging around. So I am sure I missed some quality blogs, but I also found some funny funny stuff. However, with the month coming to a close and the holiday upon us, I had to work fast.

Okay, on to the T’s… all 112 of them.

Thing’s I’ve discovered:
~These reviews are making quite the little thief out of me. I plan on stealing borrowing a few of the ideas and whatnot I have run across.
~Some folks don’t get it. I’m not trying to be mean here, but come on. If you missed a day and then have to ask if that disqualifies you… here’s your sign. It’s not NaBloPoEvOthDaMo people. (Translation: National Blog Posting Every Other Day or so Month.)
~It should have been called NaBloPoMoFo… I saw this in this is not a chair’s blog and I snorted with laughter.
~Teal Whore’s blog is purple. Um…. ok.
~Think Pink isn’t pink
~It’s probably easier to post everyday when there are two people posting (those blogs should have posted two posts a day).
~There are some cartoons even my bizarre sense of humor I just don’t get them. If anyone wants to enlighten me, please feel free. The only one I understand it WTF.

Some stats (all calculations are approximate):
~People already out: 42% (up from the 37 % of the R’s)
~Blogs mostly about being a Mom: 12%
~Male bloggers: 9%
~The T bloggers have been blogging for an average of 18.3 months. This is very close to the 18.5 for the R’s.

7 blogs were crafty in nature
4 blogs were about families with special needs children
2 pregnant women
1 blog is authored by a practicing witch. Hey I liked your blog – don’t turn me into anything.

Number of blogs that use the following words (or some form of) in their title.
~This: 12
~Tales: 7
~Thought(s): 5 (I thought there would be more of these… get it? … thought… oh nevermind.
~Travel: 4

Some shout outs:’s post on So Many Freaks, So Few Circuses made me laugh right out loud. She hasn’t posted since Nov. 13th, but the posts that are there are pretty damn funny. Seriously, you should check this site out.

There is no vodka in this Kool-aid’s site is pretty funny too. In fact yesterday there was a photo of a large flaming finger in the flip off position. I may have to steal borrow that photo. If the F-word offends you, don’t go visiting Bitter Betty’s site. Her Black Friday of Death post is hilarious too.

At thoughts of a crazy redhead there are a few posts called “life in numbers” and it makes a kinda cool little theme for a post. Again, something I might steal borrow. Plus there are bonus points for having a cool layout.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Through The Looking Glass and Thinking About…. These are both well written blogs that I visit everyday and have for some time now. Intelligent women posting about everything.

Ok … onto the of cool layouts or mastheads:

~Tammy’s Life has a cool Christmas theme but I have to admit it kinda freaks me out. I still have leftover turkey in the fridge – it’s just too early for Christmas. Let the song be your guide… it’s 12 days of Christmas, not 35! Seriously, very cool layout!

~Tennesee Text Wrestling

~Terminally Cute Check this one out for BONUS BUFFY INFO… OMG it’s good!!!

~ To Breathe

~Troll Baby

No Virtual Pets this time around, must have been an R thing.

But again, WTF people… to those of you that signed up for this challenge and haven’t even bothered to make a post in November – Shame on you! You requested that someone add your address to a long list of people; the least you could do was make a half-assed attempt at posting.

I have found an equally diverse group of bloggers in the T’s as I found in the R’s. I think it’s cool that the Internet has become a tool for families to stay up to dates with each other, but part of that makes me sad as well. I would venture to guess one could find a person blogging about anything. I do think it gives people a sense of community – I know it does for me. Just going through the R’s and the T’s I bet I have added at least 8 to 10 new blogs to my list of favorites. They are not in my blogroll yet, but they are in my Favorites list. I hope you that are reading have enjoyed the reviews as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Be sure and check out all the other reviews over at Rashenbo’s place. And don’t forget to drop by the reviewer’s sites.

Numfar… do the dance of joy!
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  1. Annika Said:

    Holy moly – 112 T blogs?! You are a wonder. Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. *Red Said:

    Hey, thanks for the great comment on my blog. You are more than welcome to borrow the life in numbers thing. It’s amazing what you can think up being stuck in the subway. Good job to you also for reviewing all the blogs!

    *Red 🙂

  3. kim Said:

    Who’s the other pregnant T? I thought I’d read them all but I must have missed someone.

  4. sherylhs Said:

    Hey Kim,

    What a small world, my grandfather was born in Surrey…a long, long time ago.

    The other pregnant T is Thoughts of the Mama. I have no idea how far apart you two are in your pregancies, but she posted U/S pics yesterday. Also, I think she was added later, because she was not on my excel list.

    Congrats, btw!!


  5. kim Said:

    Thanks Sheryl. I will check that one out. My “big” ultrasound is Monday so now I’ll have to post pics. Had two already but gray blobs aren’t very interesting!

    Surrey is great. I wouldn’t mind moving here. Visits are always too short. (I will likely change my mind in a couple of days when it starts raining again.)

  6. Bitter Betty Said:

    Thanks for the props! But I don’t swear that much. Only a few thousand times a day, sheesh!


  7. nikki Said:

    Dude, I love the dance of joy!

  8. J Said:

    Wow, thanks for the shout out, and OMG, this is where I found the link to cool Buffy news! I’m not a comic book fan, so I might not have ever found out otherwise…Go Buffy!

    I must say, I am terribly impressed that you’ve read all of these blogs. Truly amazing feat.

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