Now I get it

I understand why families get together on Thanksgiving.

We had Thanksgiving at Kev’s Aunt’s house on Thursday… many people there. Good food, good times. Since Kevin gets a turkey from work, I figured I would cook the turkey this weekend. That way it wouldn’t go to waste and we still get leftover turkey (really the best part of Thanksgiving besides the pie).

So today I cooked a turkey with all the trimmings… see

She cooks too.

Oooh, I can cook too.

The reason you have all those people over for Thanksgiving is to help you eat all the food you just made. All day cook marathon for one plate of food… seems anti-climactic.

Mess 1Mess 2
And then to help you clean up the mess.

We are going to be eating turkey for a while… holy crap… we have a lot of food!!

Miscellaneous pictures:

Both of our cats are weird, but Willow likes to sleep in the strangest places. Here she is on the back of the chair, sound asleep with her face buried in the leather. I have know idea how she can breath but she often sleeps like this.
Hidden slumber

Yep, sound asleep.

Maybe I should send this pic to Aquafina…
Future water salesman?
I do take requests…. How’s that Steph?

Sunset over Pontiac
This was taken Thursday ( I think ) as I was walking to my car after work. The sky looked so cool, I’m glad I was able to capture it.

Well that’s all I got… I’m gonna go have a piece of pecan pie… Yumm.



  1. herb Said:

    OMG! I love the pics. That kitty pictured made me snort my soda! lol!

  2. Stepherz Said:

    Love the bug pic; he’s soooo cute!

    The turkey looks delicious. I’ve only had one turkey turn out yummy– Christmas 2000. Long time ago but it was an awesome turkey worth remembering.

    I love the sunset pic too. I entertained buying a house in Flint while it’s cheap. I saw a house for $10,000 the other day on eBay. That’s an investment if Flint ever recovers. Do you live near Flint? Geography throws me!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Jenn Said:

    Awesome pics! Willow and I sleep the same (sometimes)… Yeah, I don’t know how I breath either. And your baby is so cute it makes me giddy.

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