Ok Christina… shut up!

I am the only Mofo at work in my department today… wtf. Once again, no memo for Sheryl. No one told me they wouldn’t be here. There are only 4 of us that work in this general area. How hard is it to let folks know you won’t be in?

It’s kinda nice being the only one here, except for the creepiness of it. But I have gotten a ton of stuff done today, but I have to tell you, I’m about done. I forgot the CD’s I was listening to (Justin and Pink). All I have here is Christina Aguilera Stripped and I am just about sick of it. The reason this really sucks… I can listen to my music as loud as I want since I’m the only one here. I love this Christina album… but come on… FOUR times… yep, I’m done… I don’t care if she’s leaving today… just go damn it!… sorry, that’s what she was just singing.

I think I am going to leave right after I finish this post. I didn’t go to lunch ( I was afraid I wouldn’t come back) so I can leave early.


Forcing myself to type an entry everyday (a meaningful entry) has been fairly easy. And based on some of the comments I get, my four readers are satisfied. I honestly have only had a couple of days that I just didn’t want to, but did for the sake of NaBloPoMo Like yesterday, for example.

I have found some new blogs that I enjoy reading – and the bonus is they are posting everyday! I have mixed emotions about volunteering to be a review. I love that I have to got to sites and look around, but I have sort of limited myself to the R’s and now the T’s as I still have one review to do. A couple of my regular readings fall into the T’s – bonus! I plan on going back to the list after November and spend sometime looking through more blogs.

It kinda sucks for those I read who aren’t involved – now it seems as though it’s been forever since some of them have updated their sites. 😉

I saw someone mention this already, but it’s going to be a huge wasteland on the Internet(s) on December 1st. I’m hopeful to continue posting a lot.


Sorry I haven’t been posting photos lately ( I really like the way they snazz up the place) I just haven’t had made the time to take any cool pics. Soon, I promise.

Happy Friday everyone.



  1. Stepherz Said:

    Yes! We want visuals; post pics! We wanna see Bug’s face more often!

    Lucky you having the office to yourself. I love it when that happens.

    I’d love to have the Christina CD. I like music that I can sing to and her and Mariah always try to steal my spotlight. Yoddeling, Show-Off Bitches. I’ll hang Mariah up by her fake weave if she doesn’t stop that squealing in my ear. 🙂

  2. Gina Said:

    Bummer! Can you stream radio from your computer at work? That is what I used to do all the time. And at least you got something done!

  3. sherylhs Said:

    Gina, it is a bummer. No, I can’t stream radio at work – that’s what REALLY sucks. Hubby and I both have Sirius Radios and I can listen ont he computer, but not at work. Our IT guy is paranoid – we can’t go to MySpace or YouTube. This new gig kinda sucks in that way. At my old place the IT guy reported to me, so these things weren’t an issue. I really don’t get the streaming thing tho’ I can’t see what harm it would do.

    Steph, Christina is one of those artists that I buy whatever they put out because I enjoy them so much. Pink is that was for me as well. I’ll get some Bug pics up soon… I promise.

  4. For me, creating daily entries hasn’t been too bad. Keeping up with daily *reading* – that’s been the problem for me.

    Case in point – it’s Saturday and I’m playing catch-up. And I’ve also wondered if the first few days in December will be like Tumbleweed Town. Although I have been toying with the idea of continuing the every day routine until… whenever… hmm.

    Continuity is good.

  5. Erm. Sunday. Not Saturday. Gaah! I’m even more behind than I thought.

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