Random Crap-o-rama

Wow, what great comments I am getting about the review. Maybe I should quit my day job… yea right. Lots of folks have been stopping by, please remember, this is a non-smoking blog. All smoking must be done outside of the blog. Hehe
Mondays are my single Mom day. Boy, do I have a ton of respect for you single parents out there. On Mondays, Kev doesn’t get home until after 10 so it’s just me and Bug. This is especially challenging on days like today when he’s feeling a bit under the weather.
Is anyone else completely sick of hearing about Tom & Katie… you’d think they invented getting married. And why aren’t they getting married here in the states? Maybe it cheaper to get married overseas.
Does anyone else crack up at that Happy Cow commercial where the pig is imitating the cow? The pig makes a joke and starts laughing and says “ha ha *snort* ha ha, oops, I mean moo”. That commercial just cracks me up. Oh look, a link. Click the link and then play the commercial that is on the bottom right. Sorry, couldn’t find it on YouTube. Funny, funny shit to me.



  1. Tom and Katie who? Yeah I wish. But more important – a Happy Cow commercial repository?! Oh man o man – I am *so* not going to get anything productive done today. Well maybe later.

    And – wow.* Thanks for the ‘R’eview. I really do appreciate the encouragement. Even if reviewing doesn’t enable you to quit your day job, by all means you deserve mucho gracias.

    * I was going to say ‘whoa’ but decided to leave that for the professionals.

  2. Stepherz Said:

    Ughh. Katie and Tom bore me. Who cares anyways?

    The Happy Cow commercial is awesome!

  3. herb Said:

    I heard the funniest comment-

    In Tom and Katie’s “official” wedding photo, where he is taller than her, even though everyone knows he is not, someone said that it is just him standing on the pre-nup.

    And she must look so weird because it’s hard to balance that long scrunching down.

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