Rough day for U of M fans

Michigan fans

Today was the last regular season Michigan game. Kevin and Hunter watched it together, again. Hunter in his U of M garb and Dad in his. The picture was taken a month ago, but the sentiment is the same. Father and son bonding… it just can’t begin too soon.

It was a good game but the outcome just wasn’t how we wanted it. No doubt it was the most emotional day for those football players. With Bo passing yesterday and losing to Ohio State today. I’m hopeful disappointment doesn’t weigh too heavy on those kids tonight.


I was really planning on having the R review done today, but I’m not quite done writing it yet. (That pesky real life getting in the way again). I have spent so much time reviewing; I don’t want to just throw some crap-o-rama together for you to read. I want to be able to pass some enlightenment on. It’s the least I could do.



  1. Stepherz Said:

    Adorable! They look like happy dudes. Mom must have made some hot wings and quasadillas for the game to put smiles like that on their face? Or perhaps just a jar of dip and some Lays? Or maybe it’s just the beer? Oh yeah. Definitely the beer.

  2. Meghan Said:

    Yeah… good game but sorry about the outcome.

    I feel your hubby’s pain. I couldn’t even watch last week’s Redskins/Eagles game. Yeah, it’s been a rough season for us Redskins fans.

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