This is Willow (Widow-widow) as we call her. She is one of 2 cats that are a part of our family. Yes, she is named after Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My husband wouldn’t let me name her Buffy and since she is a not a male she couldn’t be Spike, Giles or Zander. Angel is my nickname, so she couldn’t have that. We contemplated naming her Gracie, because she was “grey… see”.

Willow is a great kitty. I am sure she is related to the cat that was killed by curiosity. Willow is into everything… everything that is a box, that is. This picture of her was taken a couple of years ago. Kev and I were putting together a swing for the back yard. Although Willow isn’t an outdoor kitty, she was outside with us while we put the swing together. She got herself in (and later out of) a 4 ½ foot tall box. Apparently getting into boxes is her job and she takes it very seriously. She can actually open a box and get into it.

Usually she sleeps on top of my armoire in a shoe box (of course). Well this morning when I was getting dressed, I opened my armoire and there lying as peaceful as you please, in the back of the bottom shelf (before the drawers) was Ms. Willow. Apparently she can now open doors.



  1. Stepherz Said:

    Awwww, she’s cute! If I weren’t allergic to kitties, I’d want one just like Willow. Only she’d break safes instead of breakig into boxes. Purrrfect kitty– one that brings home some cashola!

  2. Meghan Said:

    Willow is beautiful… and that picture is awesome!

  3. *lol*…I have a Willow cat too!! Named for Willow from Buffy!! Geez, I wonder how many of us are out there that have done that…?

    We call her Will, of course…or if she’s being evil-Willow, she’s Will the Pill.

    Your Will is too cute! *s*


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