Six degrees of Fussy

Ok, so I am completely fucking insane. I have volunteered to review the R’s (88 blogs) and the T’s (123 blogs) for rashenbo. Yep, fuckin’ insane I am. But that’s okay. I am really enjoying perusing the R’s. Plus, it is getting me out there reading.

There are so many bloggers involved in this whole NaBloPoMo thing. I keep thinking that all these people are connected in some way. Like I found out about it from Annika. I believe Annika was a reader of Fussy’s blog before. Anyway, I am sure someone saw it on my site (or not). I do know that at least a few of the blogs I read regularly are participating. As I am looking at all these blogs, from so many different people I am amazed. Sheesh, Kevin Bacon doesn’t have anything on us. I’m guessing it’s way less than six degrees to Fossy. I did it in two… you try it.

p.s. Hey rashenbo, it’s crap-o-rama, not The Crap-o-rama… just plain ole crap-o-rama… The Crap-o-rama sounds so … formal.



  1. Meghan Said:

    I found out about NaBloPoMo from my random blog reading a while back… but was reminded I wanted to do it from reading your blog.

    And yes, you are completely fucking insane.

  2. rodger Said:

    Yeah…I have to agree…insane! I barely have time to get through the few links on my own blog and then the 60 or so that I find in comments and other folks blogs. NaBloPoMo is now cutting deeper into my free time because there are so many cool blogs to check out…yours included.

    Love the deer photo, we get them too. Will check back later for more reading…have to work sometime.

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Phun Photo Phriday at rodgerdodger.

  3. Stepherz Said:

    Oh boy! You are a busy gal! I’d love to read more blogs. It’s a great hobby. If they are as fun to read as yours and Annika’s blogs, I’m surely missing out!

  4. Rashenbo Said:

    LOL! Ok, I’ll fix ya up then 🙂

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