Randomness that is Wednesday

Let me just start by bragging about my husband. He bowled a 300 last night. For those of you that don’t know, that is a perfect game in bowling: 12 strikes in a row. It’s not his first 300, but it is the first one I witnessed (we bowl at the same bowling alley on Tuesdays). I am very proud of him!!


Participating in NaBloPoMo has been very interesting so far. I have found some pretty cool new blogs to stalk. I’ll tell you about them soon, I promise. I think the coolness is wearing off for some people, I’m not getting near as many visitors as I was. Either that or no one gives a shit about my crap-o-rama…


This is one of the many reasons I love my house and my backyard. I saw this family of deer last week before I left for work.
A doe and her young twins?


I sure hope they pick up all those damn political signs. It’s littering, no matter who you are.


I have Friday off, in observance of Veteran’s Day, should I wear my stars and stripes Converse High-tops all day?


Currently switching between Pink, I’m Not Dead and Justin Timberlake, Futuresex/Lovesounds in my CD player at work. It sucks, our network won’t allow our computers to stream music. Otherwise I would be listening to Sirius Satellite Radio. I love my Sirius Radio…
Why I love Sirius Radio
One of many reasons.


I have started carrying my camera everywhere. I do enjoy taking pictures.


That is all.



  1. chirky Said:

    I have stopped carrying my camera around everywhere, because it is so big. And yet just today I was wishing that I had it. Maybe you’ve inspired me to start carrying it again. 😉

  2. Susan Said:

    I read your comment on Chirky about being old and having a baby. i’m 47 and I’m adopting a 10 month old boy. This is my first. Long story how we got him. I think at this age we have a lot more patience and we will let a lot of things slide that just don’t matter and pick our battles. I remember when I was younger, I used to get upset at things that I wouldn’t now.

  3. Moose Said:

    One of these days I will have my camera to photograph more than bowls of soup. I admire your fortitude in the face of photographic art.

  4. Meghan Said:

    First of all… holy shit. I’m never going bowling with your hubby. 300. That’s awesome.

    Secondly, I love your Crap-o-Rama!

  5. Stepherz Said:

    Awesome post because? I love S & P too! And I dig the pretty, dear deer. And I have Friday off too- Yay! Oh, and I love bowling. It’s good for the soul.

    You should wear the cute Converse, but I think I’ll be wearing slippers all. day. long!

  6. Cindy Lou Said:

    I didn’t vote yesterday because Ms. Ems was home with a 102 temp. I suppose I was pleased with the outcome. I much prefer Jennifer Granholm, but especially here in West MI, the economy is crap (o-rama) and so I’m not sure if the problems linger from Engler’s era or if JG is ineffective. I was disappointed that Prop. 5 was defeated…education is so vital but most people think that unless they have a kid in school, they shouldn’t have to pay taxes for education. I told Meghan that this means uneducated kids will eventually be deciding their future.

    Your yard is gorgeous. When do I get to come see it?

  7. Heather Said:

    Greetings from fellow NaBloPoMo participant/crazy blogger. Just had to stop by and see what this Crap-o-Rama blog was all about. I see you’ve volunteered to review the “R” category, which includes my RAMBLINGS blog. I’ve noticed there are many others with the same title or variation there-of. Mighty kind (or crazy) of you to volunteer your time.

    Love the parenthood topics here since I suffer with……..I mean relate to this experience. And carrying my camera around is one of life’s little joys.

  8. sherylhs Said:

    Susan – Good luck to you!! My hubby and I have discussed adopting next… you know, cuz of my advanced age an all… hehehe. Man that comment really frosted my cookie! I agree with you, I am much more laid back now.

    Thanks everyone for all the great comments!!

    Cindy – you are welcome anytime!!!

    Heather – for the record, it’s “crazy” thank you very much. I’m glad you dig the Mommy topics. It’s really where my whole desire to blog came from. Click on Mehgan ( a couple of comments above yours) she posts some great parenting experiences also, plus Xan is adorable.

    Steph- what can I say… we must be sista’s from another mista…

  9. Aly Said:

    You are very, very brave!

    (Much more so than I!)

    Have fun with it though, and of course, can’t wait to read it. (Thanks for commenting!)


  10. Gina Said:

    Oh woman, you are crazy! Have fun, though!

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