Best. Day. Ever.

That’s what yesterday was, at least according to my WordPress stats counter. I am really enjoying NaBloPoMo. I have read so many cool new blogs. The best way to do this is with Lane’s blog randomizer. It’s pretty bad-ass. I’m going to be adding a button to my side bar (hopefully today) that will take you right to the randomizer. If you get a chance, be sure to stop by Lane’s blog as well, she has some pretty cool photos and her writing really makes feel like you know her.

I am also making an honest attempt at being all commenty, new blogs as well as my old fav’s. Comments make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, don’t they?

Have I told you how much I dig my new home here at WordPress? They seem to be always adding new features or moving things around to enhance the blogging experience – blogging experience – hehehe that sounds funny to me. They email me when I get a comment – hello? How cool is that? Or I can just go to my dashboard and see comments and posts listed in chronological order. So if you wanted to comment on a post last month – go for it, I would still see it.

It doesn’t support Java script (for security reasons) so some of the features of my site meter don’t work, but WordPress has their own variations of most. There is a section on search engine terms, which is just the coolest feature of a site counter.

It doesn’t screw with my writing. I write my posts in Word and copy them into a new post (what? It’s just how I do it – I can’t spell and Word can). Bl*gsp*t used to mess with my … and my” and sometimes even the ‘ so I always had to go in and fix them. And you know how much I love to use … don’t you?

I do still plan on designing my own template in the future. But I am waiting for the time fairy leave some extra time under my pillow. Until then, I do like the template I have chosen.

That’s it for day four. Go read some other blogs!



  1. Meghan Said:

    I have the randomizer and I love it. I’ve read some really cool new blogs. I’m not on the NaBloPoMo list yet, though. I think I sent my link in on the 29th… but I’m still not up. 😦 Oh well, I never watch my traffic anyway!

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I am totally with you on the Word spelling thing. I was an English major and still can’t spell (and I make up my own grammar rules too!).

  3. daisies Said:

    I was an English major as well and I use that as an excuse to justify the fact that I make up words 😉 being all qualified and everything, lol … guilty of not being able to spell either …

  4. Jester Said:

    Greetings from California! I’m trying to view as many of the sites participating in NaBloPoMo as I can (there are a lot). I’m only commenting on the ones I like, and I had to stop and say hi.

    Just as an FYI, the newest version of WordPress that was released last week includes a spellchecker. 😉

    WordPress rocks. Nice blog!

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