Happy Halloween (well that’s original!)

Holy crap look at all the blogs registered for one month of hell blogging bliss. I was going to count them, but I kept losing my place. So let’s just say, there’s a butt-load. So seriously if you are looking for some new blogs to read, I would suggest you start here. Hey Stepherz I know you were looking, did you check this out? That’s such a fine picture, I just had to link to it.

So I started a list of ideas for my month of hell blogging bliss:
Halloween pictures of Hunter (duh!)
Things that annoy me
Election commercials – with bonus link to DeVos morphing into Bush footage
Breastfeeding / pumping at work
Trackbacks – WTF is that?
Things that amuse me
Day Care Bullies
Fit with Finance Update – hopefully here I will tell you how I won all the money… um yea, no.
A day in the life
Learn something new everyday
Music, Music, Music
Thanksgiving (again I say duh!)
Junk email
Blog names
Obviously lots of other stuff.

So if you are new here, come on in and look around. If I’m an old favorite of yours (thanks again Jenn and Steph ) feel free to check back often. Hopefully my crap-o-rama won’t scare you away… get it? SCARE… it’s Halloween… Scare… hehe… oh nevermind… I’m giggling anyway.

I will leave you with Hunter’s pre-Halloween outfit. I bought him one to wear at daycare and so did his Nana. I figured Nana’s outfit, trumps mine so he’s wearing her’s today. Here he is in mine, yesterday. He can’t read, he’ll never notice and then everyone is happy. … I’m such a Libra.

Happy Halloween



  1. Stepherz Said:

    Very cute outfit for a super cute dude!

    And I’m loving the topics!

  2. daisies Said:

    totally cute!!

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