Well I am going to attempt to participate in NaBloPoMo. Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month, at least according to Fussy it is. I first heard about it over at Annika’s.

My head is already swimming with topics. The challenge here is going to be finding the time to post. But the good news, for the four of you that read anyway, is that you will have something new to read every day – woo hoo!!. Or maybe some pretty pictures to look at. Plus, there are prizes. Now, I’m certain not to win any prizes, that’s not why I am doing this. Let’s be clear… I am doing this so I have something to really feel bad about when I find I just don’t have the time to do it. Self-stress – it’s a wonderful thing!

Okay, that’s not why I’m doing it either. I really do enjoy reading blogs. It gives me this strange sense of connection that I enjoy. I’m hopeful that I can provide that bit of joy to people who may read my blog. I also found some blogs very helpful when I was pregnant. As a first time Mom I just wasn’t sure what to expect. I followed the blogs of two people I knew from the Buffy Forums who were expecting at the same time.  Meghan had Xan about a month before Hunter was born.  Annika had Sammy two weeks after Xan was born. Reading their blogs throughout my pregnancy was extremely helpful and insightful. Steph had Noah shortly after I had Hunter and I love reading about their progress too. It just feels like real life information – not the crap-o-rama you read in What to Expect When You Are Expecting. It’s real life; emotional, raw, funny and sweet, but most importantly real. Yep, that’s what I get from reading blogs and I hope that I can share some of the same.

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  1. Stepherz Said:

    You are ALL woman! I couldn’t possibly find anything interesting to talk about every day!

    Your blog is always fun to read and I look forward to checking for new posts almost everyday. I get all excited when I visit and there is a new post!

  2. Jenn Said:

    I enjoy reading your blog. I sometimes worry about me doing boring blogs. But I like when I blog more.

    Better yet, I like it when I have things to blog about often.

  3. sherylhs Said:

    Steph, you silly. I never said I was going to make interesting posts… I just said I was going to post.

    Seriously, Jen and Steph, thank you for the kind things you have said. I am glad you enjoy reading what I write. I enjoy both of your blogs as well.

    There are SO MANY people participating in NaBloPoMo. Check this list out, and she said she still has over 400 to add as of the 28th. A few are blogs I already read but so many are not. I think it will be fun to participate. I am also going to try to post a comment on a new blog every day as well. It should be fun. And if all else fails, there’s always Hunter pictures.

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