Super immunity – not so much.

I thought Moms were supposed to have this super immunity.  You know, laugh in the face of germs… take care of the family without missing a beat.  Well that’s not exactly how it works here apparently. A couple weeks ago, Hunter came home from day care with a present: a cold.  Oh the guilt. If I didn’t send him to day care he wouldn’t feel so bad, so sick.  Poor little guy.  I cried when he cried.  Welcome to motherhood. 

I kept him home for several days and my Mom watched him… victim #1.  His wonderful sleep schedule (sleeping all night) went right in the shitter.  He was waking up every couple of hours, poor guy.  So I was getting up too, every couple of hours to help him fall back asleep and feed him… victim # 2.  Well with the lack of sleep and busy schedule I knew my resistance would be low so I tried to stay healthy.  Then my hubby started to feel crappy … victim #3.  Hunter goes back to day care, the cold front seemed to have passed… but no.  I get a phone call at work.  I have to pick Hunter up, his eye is draining.  AND I need a doctor’s note before I can bring him back.  A not to bring him back to the place that started all this crap – nice.  Doctor’s verdict … pink eye.  WTF… oh the guilt.  Have you ever tried to put drops in a 3 1/2 month old’s eyes.   Finally everyone seems to be on the mend… except me.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a fucking truck.  Finally I’m off to the doctor where I get some antibiotics, cough medicine (I can’t breast feed on this cough medicine) and as an added bonus I get drops for my eyes…. why? you ask.  Because I have fucking pink eye too. 

Super immunity, my eye… oh wait.. not even in my eye.   

All weekend I have had to pump and dump.  Can I just tell you how hard it is to pour breastmilk down the drain.  My husband had to do the first two bottles.  On the up side, I am finally feeling human again.  So no more cough medicine and no more pump N dump.  Just in time for vacation.  The whole family will be on vacation next week.  We are going up to the trailer to enjoy some nature and so Dad can hunt.  It will be nice to spend some quality time with my husband and our son.  I just hope no one packs the germs. 



  1. Jenn Said:

    I’m so sorry to hear all this. I believe if I were there I’d have cried right along with you guys.

    But I hope you get some good time on vacation.

  2. Stepherz Said:

    I can’t imagie tossing the bm, I would have cried! I’m always so proud of my milk (weird, huh?). I pumped 15 ounces one day (which is good for me, I usually only get about 12-14) and accidentally left it in the car all night once I got home. I actually threw a temper tantrum over it the next morning when I went to make bottles and realized I never put the milk away!

    Anyhow, I’m happy the little dude is feeling better and that you too are on the mend. Have fun on vacation!

  3. Cindy Said:

    Poor sick mommy. I found out that moms aren’t invincible when I spent a week in the hospital with pneumonia when Emylie was 1 month old. I not only pumped and dumped, but the “good old boy” guy Drs. told me to just give up breast feeding because it was too hard on my body. My OB was a woman and she told me to ignore them and when I was well enough, we’d get Ems back on the breast…and we did. So much for what guys know about breast milk and such.

    Hope you feel better soon. If you don’t call me and I’ll run over with chicken noodle soup.

    BTW, I know you “tagged” me about the book thingy, but I just found out in the last week or so what a meme is (see latest blog entry) but know I need to know…do I respond here or in my own blog? I’m such a dork.

  4. […] It seems my milk started dwindling when we all got sick. And I have really been struggling ever since. […]

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