So, what are you doing this weekend?

We are heading back up north this weekend. Boy living without water, sewer and electricity really makes you appreciate the little things in life. Two weeks ago we had none. The electricity thing is big for me because I am afraid of the dark… I know… I know, but I am.It was challenging last time we went up. Big Brown Dog chased a skunk… nice huh? Well at 11:00 pm in Gladwin (small town in Mid-Michigan) there isn’t any place to find a cure for skunk smell. It’s especially challenging with a 2 month old. You can’t touch the dog because you might get skunk smell on you, then how would you handle Hunter. And how do you explain to Big Brown Dog that he has to spend the night in the bathroom, not the bedroom with everyone else. As a side note, I didn’t know dogs could make noises like that. Here is Big Brown Dog tied outside and confused… I think he can’t figure out where that funky smell is coming from and why he can’t come in the house.


Hopefully the electricity will be in by this weekend (it was inspected last week) and the septic field has been installed it just needs to be hooked up. The well is going in this weekend so we will have running water – hopefully.

The property was initially purchased primarily for investment purposes. My 457’s weren’t doing shit so we decided lakefront property was a better investment. Then came the steal on a used mobile home – perfect for the site. So slowly we have been putting the place together.

It’s a perfect spot to teach Hunter the beauty of nature, respect and love for nature and animals. Dad and Grandpa can’t wait to take him fishing. While lack of modern conveniences is really more annoying than anything, the benefits will be 10 fold.

I leave you with the view from the kitchen table:



  1. Helen Said:

    Oh, nice!

    My weekend will be running, pilates, cleaning, tidying and job hunting. The first two activities will be fun, the others are necessities…

  2. Jenn Said:

    Hmm, my friend’s dogs were sprayed a few weeks ago.

    She took them to the groomer.


    Nice view 🙂

  3. Stepherz Said:

    Whoa! That view is amazing!

    The poor pup! Our dogs get sprayed all the time (perks of living in Colorado) and they actually get sprayed so much in the summer that we leave them outdoors constantly. The skunks try to eat the dog food and as often as we trap the darn critter and take him miles away to release, he keeps coming back (or his brothers & sisters do). I think they enjoy tormenting and teasing our dogs. I’m even afraid to go outside at night without making a bunch of racket first or I’ll be sprayed by a surprised skunker!

    Yuck! Stinky buggers…

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