Best laid plans…

2 ½ weeks… 19 days until my due date. Is this anxiety, anticipation or both? While vacuuming out the pool yesterday I had a revelation about one plan for spending my labor… either in the pool or the hot tub…. yep, that works for me. How come whenever it feels like you have a grand plan, doubt always creeps in. Spending the earlier part of my labor in the pool seems like the best plan in the world, so why am I now worried what will happen if my water breaks while I’m in the pool?!? Will I even feel it? Then we will have to drain the pool… that would just be ugly… and expensive to refill. I’m sure the hot tub would be easier to drain but not as much room to move around in. But I know it’s just a plan.Speaking of plans… how long do you think a person should work before going on maternity leave? It would be nice to say I’ll work until a week before the baby is born. But since you have no way of knowing WHEN… how can you plan to be off a week before. I plan on working until the 16th and the baby’s due date is the 23rd. Is that too much time to be at home? Is it not enough time? I think “go with the flow” is going to have to become my new mantra.



  1. Jenn Said:

    Um, good question about the leaving work thing. What about putting your leaving date as close to the due date as you can? If you feel you need to leave earlier would you be able to? Who would say “stay at work” to a pregnant woman?

    I would worry about getting bored at home. But, it might also give you time to putter.


  2. ~Sheryl Said:

    I was thinking the same thing. I don’t want to be bored at home, but I’m tired after a long day at work. Maybe partial days or partial weeks are the answer. It really doesn’t help that this is a busy time for us.

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